System requirements

 Operating Systems
 64-bit Windows operating system Required
 Windows 10
 (Anniversary update 1607 or newer recommended)

 Windows 8.1

 Windows 8.0 X
 Windows 7 Service Pack 1

 .NET framework 4.6.2
*You can run OpticsViewer on Linux, Unix, and BSD-based operating systems (such as Mac OS) using a virtual machine with a Windows environment.
 Minimum Hardware   Requirements                     
 Processor  64-bit Intel or AMD processor, multiple core   processor recommended for optimal   performance
 Minimum graphics card  Any graphics card that supports DirectX 11.0 and 512mb Video RAM
 Minimum disk space 2.2 GB required for the initial download/installation,
100 GB recommended for working files
 System memory 2 GB per processor core recommended for optimal performance
 Minimum display resolution 1024x768 pixels (Full HD 1920x1080 recommended)
 Two-button mouse with   scroll wheel or equivalent   trackpad Required
 Supplemental   apps Adobe Reader or compatible app for accessing OpticsViewer documentation
 Internet/email   access Required for updates and support
 TCP/IP network Required