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Learning Paths

Learn new skills and stay ahead.

Gain all of the knowledge and skills that you need
to get started in the optical and mechanical world.

Getting started with OpticStudio

Learning Path - 3 hours

Getting started with ZOS-API

Learning Path - 5 hours

Imaging system fundamentals

Learning Path - 3 hours

Illumination systems fundamentals

Learning Path - 7 hours

Getting started with OpticsViewer

Learning Path - 2 hours

Getting started with OpticsBuilder

Learning Path - 3 hours

Designing with holograms

Learning Path - 6 hours

ZPL Programming

Learning Path - 3 hours

How to build a spectrometer

Learning Path - 3 hours

OpticsAcademy courses

The training ground for the future of optics! OpticsAcademy is a collection of self-guided courses that establish the foundation for innovative optical design.

For the most comprehensive understanding of optical design, we recommend signing up for the Optical System Design learning plan.