Getting started with OpticsViewer

Discover how to view optical performance, prescription and manufacturing data in OpticsViewer. Follow these tutorials to master commons workflows that will let you access the information you and your team need, when you need it.

Get Started:

Use OpticsViewer to load any sequential OpticStudio file without loss of precision or information. All design data is available, including design targets and tolerance ranges.

File Viewer

OpticsViewer users can export and import Zemax file types to share designs between OpticsViewer and OpticStudio or LensMechanix. This tutorial shows you how.

File Sharing

This article describes how users can easily generate an ISO 10110 Element drawing in OpticsViewer.

Technical drawings

This tutorial introduces you to some of the powerful capabilities available in OpticStudio for analyzing your optical systems, and explains how to visualize and interact with the output data.

How to get real-time lens prototype costs in OpticsViewer

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Optics viewer tools to assess the performance of your system. Adjust any parameter in an optical design as well as analyze and visualize the effect on the optical performance.

Parameter visualization

OpticsViewer offers several capabilities that support design for manufacture, and the Cost Estimator takes the concept to new heights by allowing users to get real-time cost estimates direct from manufacturers. This tool uses an XML file, generated from data in the ISO 10110 drawing to ensure a seamless data exchange.

How to get real-time lens prototype costs in OpticsViewer