Modeling laser beam propagation in OpticStudio

Learn the key steps in modeling laser beam propagation in OpticStudio. Discover what tools are available, how to set up, analyze laser beam propagation, and optimize for the smallest beam size in a simple singlet lens system in OpticStudio sequential mode.

Get Started:

This section starts with an overview of Gaussian beam theory and the terms and conventions used by OpticStudio. It sets up an example to show how to optimize a laser beam focusing system using geometric ray-based approach.

Gaussian beam theory and ray-based approach
This section introduces the Paraxial Gaussian Beam analysis tool. It shows how to set up the analysis to optimize for the smallest laser beam size.

Using Paraxial Gaussian Beam analysis to model Gaussian beam
This last section introduces the Physical Optics Propagation (POP) tool. It discusses how to set up POP and use it to find the best focus of the laser beam.

Using Physical Optics Propagation to model Gaussian beams