Installation Instructions

OpticsBuilder is installed locally. All prerequisite software and drivers are included with the OpticsBuilder installer. To install OpticsBuilder:
  1. Download OpticsBuilder from the table below.
  2. Follow the instructions in OpticsBuilder licensing and installation to install OpticsBuilder and configure your OpticsBuilder license.
  3. Select the version of OpticsBuilder you wish to download. 

OpticsBuilder for SOLIDWORKS

Version Description  Notes
20.2   EN Release Release Notes
20.1.3   Service Pack Release Notes
20.1.2  Service Pack Release Notes
20.1.1   Service Pack and JP, CN translation Release Notes
20.1   EN Release -

OpticsBuilder for Creo Parametric

Version Description Notes
20.2 Creo 4   EN Release Release Notes
20.2 Creo 5   EN Release Release Notes
20.2 Creo 6   EN Release Release Notes

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