What is Support?

The term "support" is often used to describe two things:
  1. The support status of a license: A license is "under support" or "supported" when it has an expiration date in the future. Users of that license are then eligible to use all Zemax resources in MyZemax, download new software updates, and receive personal assistance from Zemax's customer success engineers.
  2. The service provided by Zemax: This is usually called "Support" or "technical support" and refers to the service provided by Zemax's customer success engineers when the user of a supported license requests help in the use of Zemax software.

What Does Technical Support Cover?

Technical support is intended to help you navigate through any rough patches of using Zemax software programs so that you can continue and understand the assumptions or calculations that go into generating the results you’re seeing. Zemax's engineers will provide you with product insights, troubleshooting help, and will often also point you toward resources relevant to your project needs.

Technical support doesn't include training or consultation, though we'll be happy to tell you about training courses that might be of use for you or direct you to a qualified consultant.

How to Receive Technical Support

To receive technical support, you must be a License Administrator or End User of a supported Zemax software license. Inside MyZemax, visit the "Support" navigation tab. Here, you can open a written support case in any supported language (English, Chinese, Japanese). English phone support is also available for OpticStudio users in the Americas and Europe by using the call scheduling option.

When opening a support case, remember to include your software license number and a clear description of your question/issue and desired end state. Whenever possible, please also include your software file (.ZAR) or a sample file demonstrating similar behavior.


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